If you are a divorcing parent, the top of your worries will be how your children will cope. While you only have to look around to see that kids are pretty resilient and most do just fine after their parents split, some kids struggle more than others.If you see any of the following five behaviors in your child, consider that it may have something to do with the end of your marriage:

Loss of interest in social activity

Divorce causes some children to withdraw away from those friends and interests that they most need during this difficult time.


Your kids may feel that everything was just fine before, and now you have gone and messed it up by divorcing. They might not express it directly, but if they become annoyed with you or their other parent over little, seemingly insignificant things, this may be the real reason.

Emotionally sensitive

Sometimes it can all get too much. If you find your child suddenly sobbing through a movie, consider if it’s really the characters they are upset for or themselves.

Destroying things

Kids can find it difficult to express their feelings in words. Some may therefore express their upset about your split physically, taking their anger out on inanimate objects. Before you jump to scold them, consider if what they really need is someone to talk to who can help them express themselves in more healthy ways.

Increase in health problems

The Romans believed that a healthy body was related to a healthy mind. Divorce can be mentally difficult for young minds, and that can manifest itself in a deterioration in their physical health. If you notice your child needing more sick days off school, consider the root cause.If you are considering divorce, seek legal help to understand how you can handle matters in the least harmful way for your children.

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