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3 challenges you can avoid with a non-contested divorce

On Behalf of | May 17, 2023 | Divorce and family law

When a couple decides to part ways and end their marriage, many challenges often arise. These challenges are made worse when you and your spouse disagree with the divorce terms and are unwilling to work out the details outside court. 

While you are both entitled to your frustrations and disappointments, it’s crucial to acknowledge that a contested divorce will only complicate the separation, especially if you have children. You’re better off opting for an amicable divorce as this will expedite the separation, allowing you to leave the heartbreak and pain in the past. This article will explore the challenges you can avoid when you choose a non-contested divorce.

Emotional turmoil

Divorce is an emotionally charged experience for everyone involved, and the emotional turmoil can be even more intense when a divorce is contested. Both parties may be hurt, angry and resentful toward each other, making it difficult to communicate effectively and reach a resolution.

Opting for a non-contested divorce may allow you to acknowledge and manage these emotions healthily. This may involve seeking the help of a therapist or counselor, finding a support group or simply taking time for self-care and reflection.

Legal complexity

A contested divorce often involves legal complexity that can be overwhelming. Several legal issues, such as property division, spousal support, child custody and visitation rights, may need to be addressed. Choosing to separate amicably can be incredibly helpful in navigating the legal complexities. This is because when both of you are calm and level-headed, you probably won’t have to deal with irrational demands.

Financial uncertainty

A contested divorce can be a financial burden because when you choose to resolve your disputes in court, there may be legal fees, court costs and other expenses that need to be paid. In addition, the division of assets and property can be a complex and contentious issue that can result in financial uncertainty for both parties.

Since you already understand each others’ needs and concerns, you can work together to address any disparities arising from the separation. This will help ensure you part ways with sufficient financial reserves to sustain your separate lives.

Contested divorces can be challenging and complex, making them difficult to navigate successfully. Therefore, it may be best to save each other the trouble by opting for a non-contested separation.