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Civil Litigation Is Second Nature To Our Lawyers

Civil litigation is a means to resolve noncriminal legal disputes between parties. Having appeared before hundreds of judges, juries and arbitrators, the attorneys at Ashwell & Ashwell, PLLC, can anticipate what to expect from these key players just as they understand prosecutors in criminal cases.

Their deep understanding of litigation is what makes our attorneys formidable advocates for clients seeking maximum compensation or damages from civil suits – or strong defense when they are under challenges such as:

This is just a sampling of the varieties of civil litigation we take on for our clients in Fauquier County and beyond. Bring your legal concerns to our attention and let us help you devise a promising strategy. During an initial consultation and in subsequent discussions, we will lay out a step-by-step path toward confidence in your litigation as described below.

Streamlining The Civil Litigation Process

As you discuss your pending or ongoing damage claim or lawsuit with our attorneys, we will explain how we can work with you to resolve your issue expeditiously. We recommend a streamlined approach that focuses on preparation through all phases of our journey together, as described below.

  • Initial consultation: We’ll identify the merits and challenges of your case and map the path forward, including realistic assessments of the likely timeline and costs.
  • Client preparation: Our attorneys use their knowledge and experience with previous cases like yours to minimize surprises. We will help you be ready to walk into court with your attorney beside you, quietly confident that we are both ready.
  • Before the court: Count on our absolute professionalism and proven performance to give your arguments a leading edge. Because we know the negative way judges, arbitrators and juries view aggressive attorneys, you can also count on us to use the power of civility to win your case with greater credibility and, likely, a better outcome.

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