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Attorneys Upholding Clients’ Interests In Business And Contract Disputes

A business dispute may have an interior or exterior focus. Internally, business partners may disagree profoundly on issues such as accounting methods or buyout terms. Externally, businesses may struggle with problematic relationships with suppliers, subcontractors, customers and commercial landlords, to name a few.

At Ashwell & Ashwell, PLLC, our attorneys help clients know what to expect and how to negotiate or litigate a satisfactory resolution as they seek to prevent or reverse losses.

A contract dispute may stem from a business or commercial transaction or some other type of agreement or relationship. Examples include employer-employee conflicts, insurer-policyholder disputes and clashes between residential or commercial landlords and tenants over leases, property usage or other issues.

At Ashwell & Ashwell, PLLC, our attorneys often say that the best way to resolve a business or contract dispute is to prevent it altogether through a clearly articulated agreement from the start. Our law firm provides trustworthy counsel and representation for Virginians entering into contracts of many types.

When the stakes are high, legal counsel is especially urgent. It is far easier to prevent trouble than to fix it.

When Litigation May Become Necessary

Conflicts often progress from heated discussions to legal actions that cannot be ignored. Turn to our litigation-ready lawyers for advocacy whether you are in the position of a potential plaintiff or defendant.

Do you need to respond to demands from another party or do you hope to pursue compensation or another solution to resolve a contract dispute or problematic business deal? Contact us for help with a challenge such as the following:

  • A disagreement over a performance-based contingency clause in a major purchase-sale contract
  • A dispute versus sellers of a business that you or your business purchased when that acquired business did not come with the agreed-upon inventory, machinery or other assets
  • A disagreement over how to divide company assets fairly when you and a partner are ready to go separate ways
  • A dispute with your employer over promised commissions or bonuses that were paid to you late, undervalued or not paid at all
  • A dispute over terms of a contract, regardless of whether ambiguities came to light during or after the signing of it
  • Disputes over deadlines, delays and other performance issues associated with any contract or business relationship

When there is a better way other than litigation, our attorneys are ready to assist you through that alternative route, such as negotiations or mediation. But, when a case needs to go to court, you can count on solid representation with Ashwell & Ashwell, PLLC, on your side.

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