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Resolve Legal Disagreements Over Land Or Boundary Issues

Disputes over land ownership or usage and property lines are troublesome but are also common in rural, residential and urban settings.

Your arguments with a neighbor about tree trimming, parking, garbage removal, noise, lighting, drainage or any other issue may escalate if you do not reach a mutually agreeable resolution. It is usually best if you can settle a land or boundary dispute before you incur losses or before you – a private individual or a representative of a business – and adjacent property owners become warring neighbors.

Alternatively, your land use dispute might involve a government agency instead of or in addition to an adjacent property owner. Your challenge might have to do with permitting, property upkeep, commercial or residential zoning, or other issues.

Legal counsel is essential if you hope to ensure that the problem is resolved without excessive penalties and will not fester and reoccur.

The attorneys at Ashwell & Ashwell, PLLC, guide clients in the direction of amicable and efficient land dispute resolutions when feasible. However, sometimes, there is no choice but to face a challenge aggressively. A neighboring property owner may have damaged something on your side of the property line. They may have already filed a lawsuit alleging that you have encroached on their space or violated their rights. A government body may have issued a citation or ultimatum.

Our years of experience have prepared us to guide you in the right direction as you seek to put an end to any such conflict.

Examples Of Land And Boundary Disputes That We Help People Resolve

Ask our lawyers for a case evaluation. Then, work together with one or both of them on a strategy to resolve a land or property dispute such as the following:

  • A succession, conveyance or inheritance problem
  • A land survey error or a property description error on a title, deed or mortgage
  • An application for, or presentation of arguments against, a construction permit
  • A disagreement over solar, utility or road easements
  • A landlord-tenant dispute over property usage, lease modification or termination of a lease
  • Any condominium-related property use rule or law
  • A fence, easement or any other boundary issue

The list above is just a sampling of the many land and property use issues we have seen over the years. Our vast knowledge of real estate, regulatory compliance enforcement and civil litigation can work in your favor.

Get Advice And Assistance With Your Land Or Boundary Conflict

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