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If you are facing divorce proceedings, you likely have a long road ahead of you. Divorcing couples in Virginia must settle several matters, many of which are likely to be contentious. Some issues that will likely arise include division of property, spousal support, child custody, child support, and visitation rights. However, getting a divorce does not have to be tumultuous or time-consuming. With an excellent divorce and family lawyer, you can achieve a collaborative divorce where you and your spouse work out issues quickly and easily.

Not all divorces end in litigation, and a skilled attorney can help you negotiate favorable terms that satisfy both you and your ex. Working together with your lawyers, you can achieve a no-fault divorce that avoids lengthy, expensive court battles. Even a high-asset divorce can end positively when you hire a divorce lawyer with decades of experience like those at our law firm. We work with couples seeking legal separation, including those in the LGBTQ and military communities.

When you need a simplified divorce or want a skilled legal representative in your contested divorce, you need look no further than the law office of Ashwell & Ashwell. Call our law firm today for more information about how our divorce service can benefit you and your family. You can reach us by calling 540-386-1277 to schedule your initial consultation.

What Happens to Minor Children During a Divorce?

One of the most critical aspects of resolving a divorce is handling which of the parents will be responsible for raising the children. The State of Virginia recognizes that there is more to bringing up a child than providing food and shelter. Legal custody is another crucial aspect of child custody, referring to the husband or wife being involved in important decisions related to the upbringing of their children. Both parents have the right to be involved in matters such as education, religion, and healthcare.

When the couple receives the child custody order, a judge will also issue an order if child support payments are necessary. It is critical to have representation when seeking custody of your children and in defending yourself from a predatory spouse who treats you unfairly. Whether you are seeking child support or need help getting a fair settlement regarding making payments, we will be on your side. Fathers are not the only ones who make child support payments; we can offer legal support for men seeking financial aid from the child’s mother. We can also help if you need child support modification because of a change in your employment or marital status.

How Can I Protect My Assets in My Virginia Divorce?

Another essential part of divorce is dividing the marital property and getting adequate spousal support or alimony. A couple may arrive at a voluntary agreement regarding the division of the marital estate, or they may rely on the family court for a final judgment. It is important to have legal counsel when tackling this issue because of the complexity of dividing the estate. Your attorney can help you identify items that are separate property, meaning they will not be split. Some examples include an inheritance left only to you or a business you owned and grew before you were married.

You should also have legal assistance in the matter of alimony. Many divorcing spouses are not prepared to enter the workforce or provide a life that is similar to what they enjoyed during their marriage. When these individuals file for divorce, they may be eligible for spousal maintenance payments that help them live a comfortable life. Some alimony agreements are temporary to allow the spouse time to prepare to obtain employment. Other judgments are permanent because of age, illness, or disability.

Can Divorce Matters Be Settled through Mediation?

Mediation can be very effective in certain situations. Many couples prefer to resolve divorce issues through mediation to save the time, expense, and stress of a court battle. This type of divorce case is known as an uncontested divorce because the couple agrees on every matter that comes up during the proceedings. On the other hand, a contested divorce can still be resolved through mediation.

During mediation, you or your attorney meets with your spouse and their attorney to negotiate terms for the divorce. Mediation may not be effective for a spouse who has experienced domestic abuse or abandonment, and it should be noted that the results of mediation are not legally binding. Speak with a trusted legal professional for more advice regarding the use of mediation in your unique circumstances.

Should You Hire Our Divorce Attorneys?

Whether you are seeking marriage annulment, legal separation, or a divorce, you should strongly consider hiring our attorneys to help you through this complicated procedure. We will leverage our decades of experience to find a favorable resolution that offers you a bright future. We work tirelessly to achieve our clients’ goals, including complex cases such as gay couples or individuals married to a non-U.S. citizen. We will fight for you no matter what obstacles arise.

Our team of attorneys is standing by to meet with you and discuss your unique needs and goals. We treat every client with respect and dignity and will answer your questions in terms you can understand. We have a deep understanding of Virginia family law, giving us unique insights into ways we can get positive results in almost any case.

You don’t have to feel alone at this difficult time. You can reach out to our law firm and find instant allies who will protect your rights and fight for your best interests. Call today to learn more about how we can help you through your divorce at 540-386-1277.


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