When you’re facing criminal charges, you need someone to watch out for your rights and protect you against unfair convictions. A criminal defense attorney can be your guide through Virginia’s complex legal system, ensuring your constitutional rights are respected at each step of the journey.

When you hire a defense attorney, you get an instant ally in your corner who has navigated this process many times and knows what to expect. Your attorney can help by uncovering key evidence that proves you do not deserve maximum sentencing or seeking an appeal if mistakes during the trial lead to unfavorable results.

Call our skilled team of criminal defense attorneys immediately to get the defense and protection you need during this challenging process. You can reach us at 540-386-1277 to schedule your free initial case review.

Navigating the Complex Virginia Legal System

Being charged with a crime can be overwhelming and scary. Many people have no idea how to interact with police or what to do to defend themselves against wrongful charges. Hiring a law firm that practices criminal defense law means you will have a guide through the complex procedures you will be confronted with.

Your lawyer can advise you on how to answer law enforcement officials’ questions so you avoid answers that accidentally incriminate yourself. They can also guide you on invoking your right to remain silent. A defense attorney can monitor the proceedings to ensure police officers do not violate your constitutional rights and may seek to get your charges lowered or dismissed if your rights are violated.

Conducting a Thorough Investigation

Another critical duty defense attorneys perform is to investigate the alleged crime. Unlike the prosecution, your attorney will search for evidence that proves you do not deserve the maximum sentencing. Having evidence on your side can be crucial in getting favorable results in your criminal case.

A lawyer will also scrutinize the prosecution’s evidence to determine whether it is admissible. The court determines admissibility depending on several factors that could vary depending on the nature of your case. If the evidence gets lost or is inadmissible, this could result in reducing or dropping your charges. Some examples of evidence that your attorney could seek include items, alibies, character witnesses, surveillance footage, police reports, and more.

Constructing a Solid Defense

The defense strategy is one of the most important aspects of defending a client. Your lawyer should have extensive experience with the law, giving them insight into what strategies work and what don’t, according to your unique circumstances. An attorney can often negotiate a favorable outcome without ever taking the matter to court. However, representing you confidently during litigation proceedings is essential to a criminal defense attorney’s duties.

Some examples of defenses that could be used for various crimes include:

  • Mistaken identity – You may argue that police officers arrested the wrong person and you are not guilty of the crime.
  • Lack of evidence – If your attorney points out holes or lack of evidence in the prosecution’s arguments, you may be able to get your case lowered or dismissed.
  • Acting under the influence – Using this defense depends on being drugged without your knowledge or consent.
  • Self-defense – If you are facing charges of a violent crime but were acting in self-defense, you may be able to avoid conviction.
  • Acting under threat – You may also get your charges reduced if you were acting because someone else threatened to harm you
  • Acting in defense of someone else – You are legally permitted to act in defense of another person, which may result in lowered criminal charges.

Seeking an Appeal

Finally, a defense attorney like those at our law firm can help if you receive an unfavorable result because of mistakes during the trial. Please note that not agreeing with the sentencing is not grounds for appeal. You must be able to prove that your rights were violated or that the court made some other error. You may also be able to appeal the results of your trial if you uncover new evidence that was not available before.

The appeals process can be notoriously complex, so having an attorney help you through this is critical. Our legal team has helped many clients successfully appeal their trial results and get a lighter sentencing. We know how to help, including submitting the proper forms to file for appeal and providing adequate evidence to get your appeal approved. Call now to seek an appeal for your criminal case.

Should You Hire Our Criminal Defense Attorneys?

If you or your loved one is facing criminal charges, you may worry about what the future holds. You need excellent legal counsel and representation to get you through this trying time. Our legal team is prepared to help you through every step of the process, from the investigation to pre-trial negotiations and beyond.
Our team of attorneys is led by a former judge and prosecutor, giving our team the necessary insight to get you the desired results. Our caring, compassionate legal team understands that your case is not like any other, and we will take the time to investigate every detail to ensure the truth is brought forward and you are not held responsible for crimes you did not commit. We will stand by your side to protect you from having your constitutional rights violated during the investigation, trial, and sentencing.

Call our law firm immediately to speak with our team of attorneys about your unique case. We will answer your questions in terms you can understand so you’ll know what to expect at every stage of the process. We offer a free consultation, so you have nothing to lose. Call us now at 540-386-1277

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