A college is a place of learning. But, it’s also a place for people to experiment for the first time.One thing that many college students do is try drugs. However, drug possession, use, abuse and distribution have serious implications. Here’s what kind of drugs college students are using:

1. Alcohol

One of the most commonly used and readily available drugs for college students is alcohol. Many college students become legal age while in college and will frequent bars. Alcohol is addictive, which many college students don’t realize. Students may quickly abuse and become dependent on alcohol. As a result, students may violate laws, such as driving while drunk. Some students use fake IDs or have people buy alcohol for them, which is illegal. Students who are caught selling alcohol or using fake IDs could end up with criminal charges, such as fines and incarceration.

2. Marijuana 

Marijuana is many college students’ choice of drug. The effects may calm students who are stressed out about classes. While students may find the effects positive, they can also lead to criminal drug charges. The simple possession, use or distribution of marijuana can lead to criminal charges. But, the relaxing effects of marijuana can cause students to make poor choices. While students may neglect their studies, marijuana can also lead to auto accidents. 

3. Prescription medicine 

Many college students have prescription drugs. These doctor-prescribed drugs may help with physical conditions like chronic pain or ADHA, which is commonly treated with Ritalin.Unfortunately, some college students may be in possession of these drugs without a doctor’s prescription. This could happen because a student is selling their prescription. The sale of prescription drugs or illicit possession often leads to drug charges. Virginia drug possession charges can lead to harsh punishments. The highest penalty for drug possession could include ten years of imprisonment and $2,500 in fines.A criminal conviction can severely harm a student’s education and limit their future. Students may need to be aware of their legal right to seek a defense strategy if they’re facing criminal charges.

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