The Challenges of a Gray Divorce

The Challenges of a Gray Divorce

Divorce is a complicated matter for any couple. But it is even more challenging when couples over 50 decide to go through a so-called gray divorce.   What Is a Gray Divorce?   The decision to divorce, at any age, is never an easy one; but the challenges of...

Are you ready to file for divorce?

Choosing to end a marriage is a consequential decision. For some individuals, the decision that it is time to move on is immediately apparent in the blink of an eye, usually as a result of some new information coming to light. However, for most spouses, the divorce...

Is the divorce rate falling?

If you ask people about the divorce rate in the United States, they will often tell you that half of all marriages end in divorce. Some people say that divorce is becoming more and more common and impacting more couples every year.However, all of these are just...


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