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How many tickets can you get before you lose your license?

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2022 | Criminal defense

Every ticket that you pay will add points to your license. As those demerit points add up, you will likely have to pay more for car insurance. 

At some point, you could potentially face the suspension of your driving privileges because of your traffic infractions. How many traffic tickets can you get before your license is at risk? 

Different offenses carry different numbers of points

There is no straightforward answer regarding the number of tickets you have to receive to lose your license. Instead, Virginia may suspend your driver’s license based on the number of points you accumulate in a specific amount of time. 

If tickets at 18 points accumulate on your license within 12 months, the state could suspend it. 24 points added to your license within 24 months could also temporarily cost you your driving privileges. The exact number of tickets that involves could be as few as three, as the most serious offenses in Virginia add six points to your license. 

Most forms of reckless driving and also traveling at speeds 20 mph over the posted limit are six-point violations, as are some impaired driving offenses. Driving without a license or injuring a person while racing could also add six points to your license. Many other offenses at three or four points apiece, including lower level speeding offenses, unsafe passing and improper turns. It would take six three-point tickets in one year or eight three-point tickets in two years to lose your license.

The only way to avoid those consequences is to defend against the traffic infraction. Fighting back against a ticket after a police officer pulls you over could potentially help save your license.